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Compensation Rules

In order to make the insurance system sustainable development, avoid large investment losses and allow more investors to enjoy the insurance benefits, insurance compensation principle is shown as follows:
1. The insurance currency is usually Payeer currency or PerfectMoney currency. If you provide a collection account and the insurance currency is inconsistent, 3% exchange fee will be deducted. If BTC accounts are provided, the effect of a 5% fluctuation probability is deducted in addition to the 3% exchange fee.
2. Each investor shall pay a maximum of $ 200. You can choose to invest more, but the maximum compensation is $ 200.
3. If our site has put the program status to Problem or Not Paying, you still invest. The money you deposit can’t enjoy the insurance. So, check the program’s status before you decide to invest.
4. You must withdraw all available money from your balance during the insurance period.
5. In principle, the object of compensation is the investors who submit the rebate application.

Sep-27-2016 11:23:40 PM

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